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have witnessed how this technology can transform businesses through our use cases in health care and life science, higher education and insurance.

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Life Science

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Higher Education

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Medical Information

Sofia can engage with Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacies etc. and have a conversation in relation to a particular drug. Sofia can provide information in relation to drug interactions, dosage, side effects, allergies etc.

Appointment Scheduling & Patient Reminder

Sofia is able to refer the patient to a doctor, schedule an appointment in their diary and send calendar entries and reminders. Sofia will work with the patient to ensure the instructions are understood and will issue friendly reminders.

Symptom Checker

Patients can have conversation with Sofia. Sofia will provide first aid tips and medical Information. If the patient needs further information or assistance, Sofia can help locate services in the immediate area or arrange a consultation with a councilor or Doctor etc.

Drugs/ Diets for Breastfeeding mother's

Sofia can engage with health professionals to provide Information in relation to drugs that can be prescribed for breastfeeding mothers. In addition, Sofia can engage with patients to provide information in relation to food & drink

Mental Health

Sofia engages, securely and confidentially, with patients who may be struggling with a mental health condition. Based on the conversation Sofia can help the patient to deal with their condition and identify the help they need.

Branded Medicine Vs Generic

Sofia can engage with patients to discuss the benefits, differences etc. between branded and generic medication. Where cost may be an issue, Sofia can help the patient to identify payment assistance schemes offered by Life Science companies.

Pre / Post Operation Joint Therapy

Sofia engages with patients scheduled for joint replacement therapy to ensure they prepare effectively ahead of the operation. Post the operation Sofin engages to assist in patient rehabilitation.

Patient Triage & Medical Emergency Escalation

Sofia is able to engage with patients on a wide range of healthcare problems. From sitting with patient definition, prioritization and triage according to medical urgency, through to engagements may take the form.

Patient, Screening, Onboarding & Consent

Sofia will engage with the patient to collect the required screening Information and complete the consent form. A digital copy of the questionnaire and the patient's consent form will then be generated and stored in the healthcare providers EHR.

Revenue Cycle

Sofia works with patients to secure upfront payment eligibility, authorization and medical necessity. Ensuring patients receive timely reimbursed treatment and reducing denials by checking for primary and secondary coverage

Customer Feedback & Satisfaction

Post a telemedicine or face to face consultation, Sofia can confidentially engage with patients to conduct customer satisfaction surveys in relation to the services received.

Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis

Sofia can engage with patients scheduled to undergo a colonoscopy examination, helping to avoid misunderstanding and alleviating concerns, minimizing patient "no shows".

Home Oxygen Therapy

Sofia can engage with patients who require home Oxygen therapy to educate them in the care and maintenance of the equipment and the precautions to take when using oxygen.

Pre-Diabetes Screening

Sofia can engage with the general public to perform pre diabetes screening and, based on the feedback, work with the patient in relation to seeking medical help, changing their behavior etc.

Insurance Claims Management

The Sofia platform can be integrated with billing, Inventory and Insurance claims management systems enabling patients to engage with Sofia in relation to claim procedures.

Patient Engagement & Lead Generation

Sofia can engage with patients post diagnosis / treatment to ensure that their needs have been met and to identify additional services or treatments that the patient may require.

Cancer Care

When a patient has been diagnosed with cancer, Sofia can engage with the patient as well as their family, friends and caregivers to help them understand the condition and how to deal with the disease as well as how to communicate effectively with the patient.

Medical Adherence

Sofia can engage with patients to remind them when and how to take their prescribed medication. In addition, Sofia can work with the patient in relation to lifestyle & wellness.

Post Discharge Patient Engagement

Sofia automates the patient discharge process and engages with patient upon their return home to conduct follow up sessions. If required, Sofia can arrange a nurse or Doctor consultation.